Worship Music Seminar and Psalms Concert Weekend

A special night with guitarist, singer, composer, and worshipper that you and your church won’t soon forget. Mark Baldwin brings a unique experience of teaching, worship, and music for a weekend that grow your music team, and your congregation.

Worship Music Seminar

liveObjective – To work with the church’s worship team to improve technique and communication among the musicians and singers

  1. Rhythm Section – Instrument by instrument instruction and suggestions for improvement (i.e. Drums and Bass, Guitar and Keyboards)
  2. Vocal Team – Analysis of blend, and suggestions for areas of improvement
  3. Spiritual Context – Role of leading congregation in worship
  4. Sitting in with the team on Sunday morning, and giving guidance and analysis

Separate Guitar Seminar (optional)

  1. Instruction on use of guitar in worship
  2. Technique and guidance
  3. Theory and background

Psalms Concert – A Journey through the Psalms, with congregational participation.

This would be more like a worship service, with the congregation joining in with antiphonal call and response. I will lead with guitar and vocals, as I teach the congregation new Psalm settings and choruses. After teaching the congregation the antiphon, or chorus, I will sing the verses solo, and the congregation will sing and learn the Psalm choruses. Some congregations find it useful to use Psalm setting as part of their regular worship repertoire going forward.

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